Spectrum House

Spectrum House is a new residential development in Hendon, North London. The super-structure is modular with four storeys of over 100 volumetric modules containing 41 apartments. The superstructure is supported over a single-level traditionally constructed basement car-park, with a reinforcement concrete transfer slab at ground floor level.

Peter Dann were appointed by the client Excelsior Homes to carry out the detailed design for the traditionally constructed elements of the building, also acting as an advisor in appointing a modular supplier.

The building footprint was maximised to make the most of the site which resulted in quite constrained and complex boundary conditions; retaining walls were required along the rear and to both sides of the site due to the level differences between our site and neighbouring properties.

This involves assisting the modular supplier in coordination of the building, as well as reviewing the proposed modular systems/detailed drawings/calculations and specifications on behalf of the client.