Oxford Street Façade Retention

Peter Dann undertook this challenging façade retention scheme on Oxford Street in the heart of central London. It is one of a number of similar schemes we have undertaken.

There are many factors to consider when designing these temporary structures. The façade is clamped to the retaining structure to limit the potential for damage to the masonry. Stringent deflection limits are applied at the top of the façade where deflections relative to the adjacent structures are controlled to reduce the risk of distress to the masonry. The framework is designed for easy release when façade support is transferred to the permanent structure.


Oxford Street Façade Retention
Oxford Street Façade Retention Oxford Street Façade Retention

Overturning resistance is provided by the foundation’s mass and here, also involved filling vaults below the pavement with concrete. Wind added downward force to the kentledge and bearing pressures needed to be restricted on the ground below. The layout of the framework’s legs and kentledge need careful consideration to allow a tunnel to be formed within the structure to avail continued use of the public footpath and to accommodate existing services.

Peter Dann designed the temporary structures and produced the steelwork arrangement and fabrication drawings.