St Andrew the Great Church Restoration Peter Dann Cambridge

St Andrew The Great Church

St Andrew the Great is a Grade II* listed Church of England parish church situated in the heart of central Cambridge. There is believed to have been a church on this site since 1200 with its most recent rebuild having taken place in 1843, and Peter Dann were delighted to be part of the team involved in its latest significant restoration project.

Work which took place within the main body of the church included the introduction of a new balcony on three sides to allow for expansion of the congregation, the construction of a sympathetically designed single storey side extension, and the installation of a new full immersion chamber for baptisms. The works also included replacement of the entire ground floor which uncovered underground vaults and burial chambers revealing archaeological artefacts dating back as far as the middle ages.

The challenging renovation also required stabilisation of the existing tower and analysis of the framework housing and supporting the church bells. This necessitated s detailed assessment of the tower structure taking into consideration the induced dynamic loading.