Wintringham Primary Academy Peter Dann sustainable schools civil engineering

Wintringham Primary Academy

Peter Dann delivered the substructure and civil engineering designs for this award-winning development. The pioneering project is one of the first pieces of social infrastructure to be built on the new settlement in Wintringham, St. Neots, so its outward connectivity to the environment was crucial in terms of influence.



Wintringham Academy Civil Engineering Peter Dann Award winning
wintringham academy civil engineering peter dann

As part of the project team, we placed a particular focus on sustainability, incorporating sustainable features within the external works scheme. The use of cross-laminated timber for the entire building’s structure and interior meant that construction was faster and cost-efficient, while the visible timber finish provides an elegant, natural surround.



The internal grove can be viewed from every classroom, enhancing children’s connectivity to nature whilst allowing cross-ventilation and ample light. Concerning whole-life carbon considerations, the measured energy consumption for Wintringham Academy is well beyond the RIBA 2030 benchmark.