PD Scoops RIBA Awards for Wintringham Academy

We’re thrilled to announce that Peter Dann, as part of the project team, have won two RIBA East Regional Awards for the Wintringham Primary Academy.

The project scooped both the Regional and Sustainability Award, impressing on a number of levels including its imaginative use of space, intelligent use of materials, overall value and biophilic design. As one of the first pieces of social infrastructure to be built on the new settlement in Wintringham, near St. Neots, its outward connectivity to the surrounding environment was crucial in terms of influence.

The sheltered internal garden can be viewed from every classroom, enhancing children’s connectivity to nature while allowing cross-ventilation. Intelligent use of engineered timber enhanced the building’s natural aesthetic.

It was also the best performer for whole-life carbon considerations, with measured energy consumption well beyond the RIBA 2030 benchmark.

Congratulations to John Bowstead and his team for their contribution to this excellent project, and to all parties involved. We now look forward to hearing the outcome of this project in the RIBA National Awards.

Photo © Hufton+Crow and Drmm Architects

wintringham academy grove peter dann
Wintringham Primary Academy Peter Dann sustainable schools